How to Drive a Car ( Full Information)

Information about How to Drive a Car securely 

Hi, guys today I am going to teach you how to start cars and drive cars securely so keep reading for more information about How to Drive Car ( Full Information) article.
driving car

There are 5 step to start and drive cars securely and these steps are as follows,

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1)Unlock the car

                              In the first step you have to unlock the car using the key and get into the car,
and then adjust the seat for your comfort and lock the seat belt for your safety. you also have to adjust the mirrors (left mirror, right mirror and back mirror). the first step is complete now.

2)Start the car

                           To start the car, first, you check the petrol or diesel in the car and then find the switch for starting the car. Start the car and accelerate the car. This is the second step.
Start the car

3)Gear shifting -

                            Before we start you have to know about gear shifting, I think you enough information about gear shifting, so let's start, push the clutch and shift the gear in first gear. slowly remove the leg on the clutch. then slowly accelerate the car.third step is completed.
Start the car

4)Accelerate the car

                                   To accelerate car first check you on the safe position to accelerate the car, the slowly take the leg on the accelerator and slowly push the accelerator. when the car accelerates then shift the gear into second gear and repeat the step for speed up for the car. This is the fourth step of this article.

5)Drive the car securely

                                         This is the last and final step and a most important step for driving a car.
you drive the car in your path only, you do not overtake the minibusses, trucks, tractors until you will drive car securely.
Stay Safe and enjoy your first ride in your car.
drive a car

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Thank you.
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