Prime minister and president Cars specs(15 August special)

Prime minister and president Cars

Hi friends, Today we are going to know about our President and Prime Minister cars.
So let's get started,
However - There is an armada of cars, which goes ahead alongside 2 most elevated positioned identities of India, yet which cars did PM and President of India sit in.

For Security Reasons - nobody knows - in which car Prime minister would come - as there are the host of Cars in under armada and any car can be utilized as Decoy Vehicle for Security reasons.

Executive Car (Mr. Narendra Modi Car) 

Prime minister

BMW 760li High-Security Edition

 It can survive assaults from

  •  Handguns up to bore .44 Magnum and rifles from most Automatic weapons including AK47 
  •  Explosive gadget extending from bombs and Missiles 
  •  Even the car is intended to keep running on 20 Inch BulletProof Alloys with Run-punctured tires for a few Hundred kms and gives oxygen supply to anchor inhabitant if there should be an occurrence of Gas Attacks. 
  • Add on to security is self-fixing fuel tank to keep any blast in the fuel tank 

A New BMW 760li costs Rs. 2 crores, see the photo of New BMW 760 LI - with no change

be that as it may, with the sort of changes and security highlights introduced - esteem can keep running in 8 to 10 crores (evaluated at 1.5 Million Dollar), Also in the Armada, there will be other BMW 760Li going about as an imitation vehicle.

More about prime minister car :

The Prime Minister of India has been venturing to the far corners of the planet over in the Air India One private airplane however with regards to going around in India, he utilizes a BMW 760Li which is a tank masked as a limousine. Despite the fact that he lectures 'Make in India' he can't go in some other indigenous settled on auto as the decision of the auto rests with the SPG (Special Protection Group) which has certain recommended guidelines for wellbeing and security of the autos that will ship the PM. A similar vehicle was likewise utilized by his ancestor Manmohan Singh. 

Returning to the auto itself, the BMW 7 Series that our Prime Minister drives around is a very anchored defensive layer clad extravagance versatile, which brandishes a V12 motor producing 546 PS of look control and can complete a 0 – 100 kmph dash is 6.2 sec and has the best speed of 210 kmph. This auto is consistent with a VR7 review of ballistic security and parts of it conform to a higher VR9 review of assurance also. Its lodge can transform into a gas-safe chamber if there should be an occurrence of a gas assault and is likewise furnished with a backup oxygen tank. 

With respect to other super wellbeing highlights, this auto has a self-fixing fuel tank that can't detonate in any conditions. Likewise on board, like Obama's auto, is a putting out fires framework, crisis exit, and thick shot evidence windows. It likewise has defensive layer plates underneath to withstand mines and bombs and run punctured tires which work for a few kilometers. The auto likewise has propelled warm sensors to give assurance from bombs and rockets.

President of India Car (Mr. Ram Nath Kovind Car) 

president Cars

Leader of India goes in Mercedes Benz S600 W221 Pullman Limousine. Like PM Car, it can survive assaults from:-

  •  Handguns upto .44 Caliber, Military Rifle Shots
  • Explosive gadget running from bombs and Missiles 
  •  Even the car is intended to keep running on Bullet Proof Alloys and Run punctured tires for a few Hundred kms and gives oxygen supply to anchor tenant if there should arise an occurrence of Gas Attacks 
  • Top Notch In Cabin Safety with Automated Lock Controls and Safety Gadgets and Preventive Shield on the push of Button 

Gauge Price: INR 10 - 12 crore, comparable to 1.5 - 1.7 Million Dollars

Additionally in armada numerous more cars utilized as bait vehicles. The following is the genuine Picture of Car utilized by President in Last Republic Day Parade

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I have full expectation that I have given you full data about  Prime minister and president Cars specs(in details).
Thank you.

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