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What is Driving Licence?

Driving Licence

Driving licence is the official document issued by our government (Indian government). It is the document permitting individuals to operate or drive motorized vehicles such as a car, bike, truck, bus, etc., on a public road, without any supervision. In India driving licence is issued by the RTA or Regional Transport Office (RTO) of that particular state. The motor vehicles act of 1988 states that for driving the vehicle driving licence is mandatory.

An individual who wants to drive any type of vehicle in India has to get his or her learner's licence first which is issued for learning for the vehicle. After the one month of issued learner's licence the candidate has to appear for the test in the front of RTO officer. The RTO will declare if he/she passed or not.

Hence, if you wish to drive a motor vehicle on roads, you must first hold a valid driving licence in India. If you are practicing to drive a vehicle, you must first get a learner's licence which will act as provisional and then must take a test to qualify for getting a driving licence. The process for getting a driving licence is online. You can fill the form online from your home.

DL is the short-form for Driving Licence.

Types of DL in our Nation 

  Depending on the type of the vehicle which is used by the person he/she can get a driving licence for it. However, the eligibility requirements for every vehicle type will vary.
the list of types of DL are as follows

Vehicle type

  • motorcycles with engine capacity 50cc or less than 50cc
  • motorcycles with gear, motorcycles with engine capacity 50cc or more than 50cc, light motor vehicles including cars
  • All motorcycle types including motorcycle with gear
  • motorcycle with any cc but no gears
  • Light motor vehicle for non transport purposes
  • Light motor vehicle intended for commercial purposes 
  • Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicle 
  • Only candidates holding a heavy vehicle driving licence they can apply for heavy trailer licence
  • Heavy Goods Motor Vehicle

Eligibility for Driving Licence in India

The qualification for driving permit in India relies upon the class of vehicle and the kind of driving permit. The qualification criteria for various perpetual Driving permit writes in India are given beneath.

Types of permanent licence in India and eligibility criteria are given below

Bikes without adapt (with a limit of up to 50 cc): The candidate must be no less than 16 years of age and should have the assent of parent or watchman in the event that he is under 18 years of age.

Bikes with gear: The candidate ought to be no less than 18 years of age.

Business Heavy Vehicles and Transport Vehicles: The candidate ought to have finished eighth standard. The candidate must be no less than 18 years of age (in a few expresses, the base age restrict is 20 years).

General Requirement: The candidate must be acquainted with movement controls and standards. The candidate must have legitimate age verification and address evidence records.

Archive Required for Driving permit 

To guarantee that there is no deferral in the application procedure, the records that are to be submitted must be legitimate and remedy. The rundown of reports required for driving permit are:

  • Age Proof (any of the underneath given records) 
  • Birth Certificate 
  • PAN Card 
  • International ID 
  • tenth Class mark sheet 
  • Exchange declaration from any school for any class with date of birth imprinted on it. 

Confirmation of Address required for DL: 

  • Lasting Proof of address (any one from the accompanying): 
  • Travel permit 
  • Aadhaar Card 
  • Self-claimed house understanding 
  • Power charge (issued in candidates name) 
  • LIC bond 
  • Voters ID Card 
  • Apportion card 

Current Proof of address (any one from the accompanying): 

  • Rental understanding and power charge 
  • Rental understanding and LPG charge                                                                                                     

Different Requirements for Driving License: 

  • Properly filled application frame (to get the application shape for driving permit, visit the closest RTO or download it from the online entrance for your state) 
  • 6 identification estimated photos (while applying for Learners License) 
  • 1 travel permit estimated photo (while applying for driving permit) 
  • Application Fees 
  • On the off chance that you are remaining in different urban areas, as present address confirmation, you can give the rental understanding one late service charge duplicate which can be gas bill or electric bill. 
  • Restorative Certificate - Form 1 An and 1 which is to be issued by an ensured Government specialist 
  • For all candidates beyond 40 a years old, a Medical testament is compulsory.

This is all about for driving licence.

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