All about JAWA Motorcycle Company

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JAWA is a motorcycle manufacturer founded by Janecek in 1929. JAWA motorcycle is known for its two-stroke engine which is very powerful and reliable.


JAWA Company

JAWA Company

JAWA Company

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The first motorcycle created by JAWA is 500OHB which is the 500cc engine and gets 18 horsepower max. this model is very successful in this decades. with the success of the first model of JAWA company, JAWA engineers started working on the motorcycle which will be affordable, retains the success of the first model and introduced JAWA-175. this is the lightweight motorcycle with a maximum speed of 80 kmph. during 1930 the company JAWA also produced the number of cars and also utility vehicles to expand its portfull youth including JAWA minor and JAWA minor sedan car. during the world war two, the sales of the JAWA company was going the decreased. in 1946 JAWA introduced its dual exost, 250cc, dual stroke motorcycle followed by 350cc twin cylinder motorcycle. later these two models became the most successful models of JAWA motorcycle company and exported to more than 120 countries. in 1948 two years later JAWA company was merged with CZ motorcycles which were the branch of Scoda company which knows as two-stroke enduro and moterstrock motorcycles.
in 1952 JAWA motorcycles introduced new motorcycle name Jawa 500 OHC. it was 488cc two stroke air cooled motorcycle with the top speed of 147 kmph. around 7200 models work ready used and production of 500OHC   hauled in 1953 due to high manufacturing cost.
1960 was the year when JAWA motorcycle company started its business in India. it was the collaboration in technical JAWA and JAWA  a company based on the maisure and its produce the license based motorcycles. at that time Indian roads dominated by scooters and old bullets. to compete with bullet JAWA motorcycle company targeted its motorcycles towards youth with tagline "Forever bike forever value".
the first motorcycle released in India was JAWA 250A type. the twin exost was the head turner and soon a brand loyalty was developed in certain India. in 1968 the collaboration of JAWA and ideal JAWA ended and the name was changed from JAWA to YEZDI.
later YEZDI released its successful models like oilking and roadking. other motorcycles produced under the brand name of YEZDI was CL2, 175,350 twin, classic etc. the company produced a variety of bikes with two-stroke engines.
with the entry of Japanese competitors through joint ventures the YEZDI were facing tough competition from their 100cc lightweight fuel efficient bikes and in 1996 ideal JAWA close its operations due to heavy loses and strick aviation norms. 
one year later in 1997 JAWA moto was established as a successor of original JAWA company. over the years JAWA released a wide variety of models like JAWA 125, JAWA 650 but the company struggled.
on 2016 the company MAHINDRA AND MAHINDRA acquired the rights of JAWA motorcycles through its subsidiary called classic legends and plans to introduce motorcycles in India near future.
recently JAWA which is owned by MAHINDRA AND MAHINDRA was released three varients of motorcycles JAWA 250cc, JAWA 300cc and JAWA forty two.

that's all about JAWA motorcycle company.

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