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Royal Enfield.                                                                               

What is the Royal Enfield? 

The Royal Enfield is the brand name. 
Which was under The Enfield Cycle Company Limited. They manufacture bicycles, motorcycle, lawnmowers, and stationary engines.

Royal Enfield

For this Article, we brought to you the Royal Enfield bike company and the kind of impact it has left on the automobile industry, let us begin.

History of the Royal Enfield.

In 1893, The Enfield Cycle Company was established in England. Albert Eadie and Robert Walker Smith are the founders of this company. The Royal Enfield manufacture the first motorcycle and brought in the market in 1901. In 1902 they also manufacture motor cars. The company works at Hunt End, Redditch. 

Royal Enfield in India.

     The Indian government looked for a suitable motorcycle for Indian Army for patrolling the country's boundary and the Royal Enfield bullet was chosen for a most suitable bike for the job. The Indian government ordered 800 units of the 350cc model

Royal Enfield

     In 1955, In India Royal Enfield company partnered with Madras motors to form Enfield India. The company assembled, under licence, the 350 cc Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle in Madras (now called Chennai).In India company was import tools in England and then assembled bikes. By 1962, all components of bikes were made in India. In India Royal Enfield was made an essentially similar bike in the 350cc and 500cc models. 
      The year 1990, the company collaborated with the Eicher group. Royal Enfield combined with Eicher group and manufactured bikes in 1994.
The Eicher group is an automotive company involved in the production of tractors, commercial vehicles, and automotive gears. In 2002, Royal Enfield experienced difficulties and stop production at their Jaipur factory. 
     After some years in 2013, the Royal Enfield company reborn and opened a new factory in Chennai to manufactured new bikes. For the production of own new bike, Royal Enfield appointed Pierre Terblanche. Pierre Terblanche is a South African motorcycle designer as the head of new product design. In 2015 company appointed Rudratej Singh as a new president of Royal Enfield. 
     Today Royal Enfield sells motorcycles in more than 50 countries. In 2015 Royal Enfield break the record of Harley Davidson in global sell. 

Royal Enfield


     Royal Enfield involved in manufacture bicycle, lawnmowers, motorcycle, and commercial engines but they succeeded in the motorcycle.
     In 1914 Royal Enfield manufactured and supply a large number of motorcycle for the British war department. In the first world war, Royal Enfield motorcycle gave a great performance. In this model, Royal Enfield used 225cc two-stroke single cylinder and 425cc v-twin engines.
     In the second world war for British military Royal Enfield manufactured different models were WD/C 350 cc, WD/CO 350cc OHV, WD/D 250cc SV.
Royal Enfield manufacture model of Royal Enfield WD/RE is designed to be dropped by parachute airborne troops.
     In 1945, Royal Enfield manufactured the single cylinder OHV 350cc model G and 500cc model J. These models are rigid and powerful. In 1949, Royal Enfield produces 700cc superbike. 
     In 1950 to 1960 Royal Enfield manufactured 250cc bikes. Royal Enfield manufactured 692cc interceptors in 1960.
     In 1960, in India Royal Enfield manufactured 350cc bullet bikes. In 2015, Royal Enfield opened a new factory and manufactured models in 350cc and 500cc. In India, the company manufactured three models in 350cc are as follows.

1: 350cc Models

1)Royal Enfield Bullet 350cc. 
2) Royal Enfield Electra 350cc.
3) Royal Enfield Classic 350cc.

2: Models in 500cc.

1)Royal Enfield Bullet 500cc. 
2) Royal Enfield Electra 500cc.
3) Royal Enfield Classic 500cc.

3: interceptor

4: continental GT

5: Himalayan

6: Thunderbird

Manufacturing Plants :

there are three plants for producing Royal Enfield bike are situated in Chennai are as follows,
1: Tiruvottiyur
2: Oragadam
3: Sipcot industrial park

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that's all about Royal Enfield 

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